The Project

The dining table is and has always been the connective glue that brings us together, stories are told, deals brokered, friendships made and unmade and events celebrated around the table. The Little French Deli stems from a desire to showcase all things French, it's culture, it's gastronomy, it's people, through food and around the dining table. Our little slice of France in Bonbeach is simply a way for us to maintain this connection and offer you the opportunity to share it with us.

The Produce

A restaurant is a stage where culture and nature engage in a conversation, locally sourcing produce, following the seasonality of ingredients, dialoguing with our suppliers, our farmers, our fisherman is the heart of our philosophy. It defines our menus and unfolds the story of The Little French Deli. In essence, French cuisine is regional cuisine, from Normandie's creamy desserts to the hearty meaty stews of Occitanie. Frances most iconic dishes grew from humble beginnings, sometimes out of necessity, in a farmers barn, or from the depth of a baker's hearth. We hope to remain true to these essential principles.

The People

At the heart of The Little French Deli are passionate and talented individuals. Classically trained in Michelin star restaurants in Europe. They have acquired a deep knowledge and understanding of French cuisine that transpires in their food as much as in their table service. From the first "bonjour" to the warm farewell and "a bientot", our team is always mindful that hospitality and hospitable share the same roots.